Privacy and Cookies

We aim to uphold the privacy rights and maintaining data security for our visitors. We aim to be transparent about the data we collect from our visitors and pledge to handle data fairly and within the law. By using this website you should be able to enjoy browsing without compromising your privacy. 


We use secure server technology, including SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so that your browsing session is protected. Using this technology helps to minimise the ability for unauthorised parties to access any data passed between your browser and our website’s server.


This website makes use of cookies. Most websites make use cookies to operate effectively and to optimise a visitor’s browsing experience. A site will often generate cookies, which are small text files sent between a web client and server, on its users’ computers and devices. These allow the website, among other features, to recognise which pages have been visited during a browsing session. Therefore your computer or device may be able to ‘recall’ which pages you have viewed and your navigation through a website. Our website does not use cookies to collect or record personal data such as name, address or other contact details. We do not use cookies for the purposes of third-party advertising and do not share any information contained in cookies with third parties. If you disagree with the use of cookies on our site, you should leave immediately, or disable the cookies. If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings. Should you disable any cookies, the website may not continue to function properly.

Mailing List and Contact Forms

We do not offer mailing list sign up or contact form submissions directly via this website. Should you wish to contact us, we will never share any of the data you provide with any other business or individuals for marketing purposes, and will delete the data that you have provided should you request we do so. We have an external submission form for requesting a service, which carries its own Privacy Policy.

Please contact us on should you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy.